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We fully support growers with sales and marketing

Chrysantportal takes care of growers as much as possible. It supports them wherever this is necessary. It offers support in sales, marketing, transport and administration. It provides everything you need to market your beautiful chrysanthemum through our worldwide market, so that you only have to focus on your passion: growing chrysanthemums.

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Benefits for you as a chrysanthemum grower:

Large market

Chrysantportal operates worldwide and covers an enormous sales area through this portal. The marketing of your chrysanthemums is much easier this way, and you will be able to create much better sales of your excess of certain chrysanthemums. A large market reduces costs and is, therefore, more favourable for you as a grower.


Chrysantportal arranges it all

You place your chrysanthemums in the online environment and - depending on your chosen subscription - Chrysantportal arranges the rest. From administrative handling (order, invoicing, payment) to transport.


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